Our residents absolutely adore animals. Several of our other facilities are no stranger to having furry friends visit. Just look at Rosebud the therapy hen and that visited Mount Laurel or Duncan the mini horse that visited all of our New Jersey facilities. So it was only a matter of time for Bushwick to have their own adorable, lovable animal friends.

Meet Aidan and Pearl, our two new pony friends.

Pearl and Aiden hail from Westbury, Long Island, where they are among the 21 horses at the Horseability Center for Equine Facilitated Programs.

According to Katie McGowan, Executive Director and Founder of HorseAbility, these miniscule little equines can be called either miniature horses or ponies (the latter term is connotes a horse size under 14.2 hands, which is equivalent to about 58 inches, or 147 centimeters.)

Staff and residents alike couldn’t get enough of how lovable these little ponies were! Everyone wanted to pet them and cuddle with them all day. We can’t wait for them to come back!