Our kidneys are responsible for purifying our blood and eliminating waste and excess fluids from our bodies. However, many people suffer from failed or damaged kidneys that aren’t able to carry out these tasks. When this is the case, dialysis does these things in place of the kidneys, helping your body to continue working as properly as it can.

Types of Dialysis:
There are two different types of dialysis, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis uses a special machine in which the blood circulates through a catheter into the machine to be filtered and purified and then returned to the body through another catheter. Patients are prepared for this form of dialysis through surgery to enlarge the blood vessel so that the catheters fit. The typical treatment lasts 3-5 hours depending on your personal needs. Sometimes your doctor may allow you to do hemodialysis at home if this will be a long-term treatment. One of the benefits to this treatment is that the patient has minimal participation, but one disadvantage is having to schedule time for and travel to the dialysis unit.

Peritoneal dialysis uses a fluid called dialysate that is run through a catheter to absorb waste from the bloodstream. This waste is then drained from the abdomen. This can be done at home but requires surgery to implant the catheter. Usually it is done several times a day and takes about 30 minutes. This treatment is a bit more flexible when it comes to scheduling since it is often done at home. However, there is a high risk of infection so cleanliness is very important.

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